Zombie Hand Walker Halloween Animatronic

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Our Production Schedule is booked up until Late October on this Animatronic.

They say you just can't keep a good zombie down. When an evil prophesy came true, the dead began to rise. All the dead, not just full-bodied demons. His bottom half smashed to a pulp in a fatal car accident, this ghastly gentleman was buried with nothing below his gut. Now, he walks the Earth on his putrid paws, searching for a bite of living flesh. He's a horrid sight to behold, but should be easy to out run. The Zombie Hand Walker Halloween animatronic will be the perfect addition to any graveyard or rising undead scene in your haunted house. This movie-quality prop is hand painted and detailed by the talented (and slightly demented) artists at The Horror Dome. This rotted rascal pulls himself out of the ground and begins lumbering towards your guests, walking on his hands. Screaming in agony, and shaking with hunger, he's truly a nightmare-inducing sight.