Zig Zag Illusion Plans

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And now, for my final feat, I will cut my lovely assistant into thirds, remove her center, and then put her back together. Watch as she steps into this chambered box and is sliced apart by steel blades. Stare in disbelief as her mid-section is removed, and cheer in relief as she is magically put back together. How is this trick performed? That's for me to know and you to wonder.

Perform a jaw-dropping magic trick with the Zig Zag Illusion plans from The Horror Dome. These easy to follow and highly detailed blueprints provide the knowledge you need to carry out this optical trick. Included you'll find a list of materials needed, directions on building the Zig Zag contraption, and even performance notes that will help you sell this trick to a mesmerized audience. Whether you're an old pro looking for a new routine, or just getting started in the magical arts and eager to attempt an ambitious illusion, these blueprints will have your audiences applauding loudly. With a little hard work, a talented assistant to slice up, and hours of practice, you'll be performing the Zig Zag illusion flawlessly.