Witch Legend Prop Halloween Decoration

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Avoid the evil stare of this wicked Witch at all costs. Just one second of eye contact can lead to a lifetime of misfortune and bad luck. Any longer and you may fall into a trance, and then find yourself floating in her bubbling cauldron as your insides slowly rise to a boil. A classic Halloween horror, you just can't keep a good Witch down. Despite calls for her head for a millennia, the Witch Legend continues to grow. Welcome guests to your business, home, or haunted house with the incredibly lifelike Witch Legend Prop Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome. Crafted from premium latex, foam and metal, this realistic looking sorcerer will have trick or treaters petrified to approach your porch. Hand painted for maximum effect, her artistically detailed face features pale, leathery skin, cold, uncaring eyes, and a murderous grin. She's sure to be a neighborhood favorite this season.

Witch Legend Prop Features:

  • Life-Sized
  • Latex and Foam Construction w/ Metal Armature
  • High Level of Detail

The Witch Legend is a halloween decoration offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.