Full Size Alien Xenomorph Halloween Decoration

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Just when you think you have a leg up on this extraterrestrial predator, he drops through the ceiling and sinks his razor sharp teeth into the back of you neck. An unforeseen hazard of space travel, this otherworldly monster is a brilliantly designed bioweapon that enters a victim as microscopic spores, and grows into a murderous beast. Once matured, the Alien Xenomorph bursts out of his host, and begins the hunt. The villain of the popular Aliens franchise, both fans of sci-fi and horror films will love this Hollywood-quality Full Size Alien Xenomorph Halloween decoration. Standing over eight feet tall, and positioned in a menacing fighting stance, he's hand painted and detailed by inspired craftspeople at the Horror Dome. Looking as if he jumped right off the screen, this lifelike sculpture will have your guests shaking in fear as they filter by. Stage an intergalactic gallery of monsters in your haunted house, or bring home an amazing conversation starter for your basement barroom.