Voodoo Witch Doctor Halloween Mask

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Desperate individuals who turn to the Witch Doctor in a last ditch attempt to find riches, romance or luck, or get revenge on those who have betrayed them, often regret getting involved with the dark arts, that is, if they live long enough to regret it. This malevolent medicine man will promise a cure to your emotional agony and misfortune for your enemies, but his asking price is usually your soul. Once you awake as his zombie servant, you'll be beyond rescue. The Voodoo Witch Doctor Halloween mask is a hand painted Horror Dome original. Highly detailed for a realistic look, this collector-quality design will cause passing trick or treaters to run in terror. Perfect on his one, he makes a great ensemble costume when paired with a few zombies. This premium over the head-style mask provides a seamless look when worn with any type of v neck top.

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