"Victor Vamp Painting" Hanging Halloween Decoration

"Victor Vamp Painting" Hanging Halloween Decoration

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You can't believe the great deal you got on this historic estate. It seems like the seller was almost ready to just give it away. Aside from some musty odors and a few odd stains, the place just needs a little TLC to feel like a home, right? You open a closet in search of a broom and stumble upon an old painting covered in brown paper. You slowly unwrap it to find the menacing mug of Victor Vamp staring back at you. Is he a joke? A legend? Or does he perhaps still roam these halls at night, searching for blood.


The Victor Vamp painting from The Horror Dome is a hand made work of art. This macabre portrait features Victor in all his vampiric glory. He's dressed in a dapper dress shirt, complete with a black cape and extra large collar. His grimace reveals a set of vampire fangs, and his sinister eyes seem to be focused on his next kill. Thick eyebrows and a dramatic widow's peak round out his look.

Create your own haunted gallery, or add a little spice to your apartment around Halloween with this handsome fellow.

Portrait is hand painted for the most realistic look possible. Paintings measure 24in x 36in. CUSTOM FRAME. MOUNTED - READY TO HANG!!