Lester Ventriloquist Figure

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Entertain kids and adults with a few original zingers and Lester the ventriloquist figure from The Horror Dome. Whether you're a youngster, just learning the ropes, or a voice-throwing veteran who is looking for a new character, this fully-functional dummy will make a great new sidekick. With a white shirt, colorful vest, and matching plaid pants and hat, Lester can play the refined straight-man to your goofy antics, or the sharp witted foil to your earnest endeavors. Featuring a movable mouth and head, this 27"" figure is the perfect size to sit on your knee and crack a few jokes.

Play him as a friendly bloke, a mischievous prankster, or a murderous killer, the choice is up to you. From a spooky show at your haunted house, to a side-splitting classic routine, Lester is sure to be a star. Do a question and answer session with mesmerized kids, or think up some lewd humor that will have the grown-ups in stitches. Learn this amazing craft today with a quality wooden dummy. Once you can convincingly throw your voice, you'll find it easy to make Lester come to life.

Figure is dressed in a colorful vest shirt, plaid pants and matching hat. Moveable mouth and head for a more realistic look. 27 in tall.