Ventriloquism Made Easy Handbook

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Looking for a fascinating new hobby? Whether you're interested in this classic art for as a pastime and a way to amuse friends and family, or want to branch out as an entertainer with an entirely new routine, Ventriloquism Made Easy will help you get started. This handy volume promises to teach you ""how to talk to your hand without looking stupid."" Written by voice-throwing veteran Paul Stadelman and writer Bruce Fife, this how-to book will have you cracking wise with your wooden companion in no time.

In addition to offering wonderful tips on throwing your voice, Ventriloquism Made Easy also features twenty-two complete comedy dialogues to help you practice. Perform these surefire routines, or be inspired by these classic gags and write your own material. Create a traditional sharp-witted dummy character, or try something completely new.

For generations, budding ventriloquists have used this book as a gateway into the fun, magical, and downright hilarious art of ventriloquism. It makes a perfect gift for that young member of the family who always wants to be the center of attention.