Veinia Halloween Costume - Adult

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It's all flirty fun and games until you're tied down and tortured by the sadistic Veinia and her minions. This castle-dwelling colleen exudes a dark magnetism. Highly intelligent, crafty and clever, she never has any trouble coaxing a victim into her underground lair. Once they've suffered unspeakable agony, she treats them to a slow death by lackadaisically sucking out every last drop of their blood.

Create an alluring and wicked character with the Veinia adult Halloween costume from The Horror Dome. This high-quality, full costume features a ravishing open front dress with scalloped overlay, and medium-size vampire bat wings. Rock some blood red lipstick and a killer pair of black heels, and you'll have a head-turning look for the masquerade ball.

Veinia makes a great addition to any haunted house that features a vampire-themed scene. Dress up and terrorize the neighborhood as a demonic coven of vampires, or take a few selfies for social media and spend the rest of the night on the couch with a classic monster movie. Put on a show, go out, or hang with a few close friends with this uniquely bewitching costume.

Open front dress with scalloped overlay and attached wings. Adult size 12-14.