Van Helsing Dracula Mask

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When a full moon lights the eerie forests of Transylvania, you can be sure of one thing; vampires are out on the prowl. These freaky fiends lust for the blood of mortals. They'll suck you dry and leave you suffering and dying in the dark woods, where your remains will never be found. Chief of these devilish imps is the famous Lord Dracula. Is he simply a hungry beast, or does he have a secret plan for world domination?

The Van Helsing Dracula Halloween mask from The Horror Dome is a recreation of the famous Hollywood character. The evil star of the cult-classic monster hunter movie, Van Helsing, this dark lord has a distinctively demonic appearance. With slicked-back black hair, grey wrinkled skin, and a bat-like nose and ears, he has all the traits of a vampire. A large, vicious mouth is wide open, ready to attack, and full of sharp menacing teeth. Add a new character to your haunted house attraction, create a great look for trick or treating on Halloween, or add a new piece to your collection of horror movie merchandise. Discover a realistic, hand detailed Dracula mask today.

Full over-the-head latex mask, individually hand painted.