Vampiress Wig - Black

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As the sun drifts below the horizon, the Vampiress emerges from her coffin, ready for another evening of unholy hedonism. She saunters down to her dungeon for a snack; several shackled drifters her minions have captured off the street. She takes a moderate drink from open sores on each man's neck, but leaves enough blood for them to survive. Her hunger temporarily satiated, she turns her attention to the night's main goal; finding a young victim to suck bone dry.

With the Vampiress black wig from The Horror Dome, you'll have an amazing costume accessory for creating a devilishly demonic outfit. Long, flowing jet black locks, teased in the front for maximum volume give this vampire wig a look a subtle 80s or early 90s vibe. Manufactured from premium materials, this fake hair has a stunningly lifelike look.

Add a beguiling new character to your haunted house's vampire room, greet trick or treaters at the door dressed as an evil Elvira, or craft a stunning outfit for the masquerade ball. From raging costume parties to a theatrical production, this high-quality wig will look amazing.