Vampire Queen Dress Halloween Costume

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Cursed with an ancient affliction, the Vampire Queen is damned to spend eternity living in a dank and dusty castle, avoiding the painful light of day, and feasting off the blood of the living. It's a pretty depressing existence overall, so you might as well rock a fabulous dress. With this gorgeous gown, the vampiric vixen welcomes travelers into her home. Little do they know, they won't life to see the break of dawn.

The Vampire Queen Halloween costume from the Horror Dome is all you need for an unforgettable night at the masquerade ball. A long, flowing gown in black and dark blood red, this dreadfully debonair dress features the classic stand-up collar that popular culture has come to associate with the bloodsucking undead. With a little makeup and some vampire fangs, you're all set to terrorize the neighborhood.

Go trick or treating with the kids, welcome guests to your costume party, or add a ravishing new character to your haunted house. Find your own special Count Dracula and hit the town as a terrible twosome, or team up with friends and take on the night as a captivating coven.

Elegant gown with inset and attached stand up vampire collar. Small/Medium 2-8.