Vampire Lord Collector Halloween Mask

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Ruler of the underworld, the Vampire Lord stalks the land lusting after fresh human blood. Once bitten and drained by this savage king, you're destined for eternal damnation as the living undead. Wear a ring of garlic around your neck and keep a wooden stake by your side. You never know when this stealthy murderer is ready to strike. Featuring cracked, leathery skin, bright piercing eyes, and fangs that have evolved for the sole purpose of sucking blood from unsuspecting victims, this Halloween mask will stop neighborhood trick or treaters dead in their tracks. At The Horror Dome, you'll find masks, costumes, props and backdrops that are brilliantly designed for a hauntingly realistic look. Amass a group of ghouls and reign over them as the Vampire Lord, or act as a solitary hunter who quickly disappears into the night after a quick feast one an unfortunate passerby. From a haunted house or hayride to a raging costume party, these masks are utterly terrifying.

Vampire Lord Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • Sharp Fangs
  • Vacant Stare

The Vampire Lord is a collector halloween mask offered only by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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