Twister Illusion Plans - How To

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Pulling rabbits out of a hat, making coins disappear, doing the standard card tricks and starting a fire with the snap of your fingers are all solid beginner magic, but if you want to really impress your audience, you're going to need a next level illusion. Warm up the crowds with some of these simple tricks, and they call on your brave assistant for the one and only Twister.

The Twister illusion plans from The Horror Dome include all the information you need to pull off this breathtaking routine. These detailed, illustrated plans include a list of all the materials you'll need, and even feature performance notes. If you really want to up your magic game, you'll find this classic illusion will get the job done. Ask your assistant to step into the elevated box. Lock them inside and use the spinning top compartment to twist their head around 360 degrees. The audience will see their legs remaining facing forward, and wonder how you did it without causing serious injury. Take home these plans today, build your own prop and practice hard. Soon you'll be wowing audiences with this famous illusion.

These are blueprints that are drawn to scale, each plan has a comprehensive rundown on materials needed, and even performance details.