Torso Erector with Arm Extension

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Our torso erector with arm extensions is the same mechanism as the Torso Erector, but with an additional linkage added to lift the arms from a resting position on the sides of the rib cage, to an outstretched reach in upwards (triggered) position.

Due to the fragile nature of the "Bucky" skeletons, we advises that the skeleton (specifically the arms) be adhered to the arm framework using latex and cheese cloth to adhere to the arm bars. Corpsing will greatly improve the strength and life span of the skeleton.

Arms are adjustable at the elbows and can be bent outwards for simple posing. This lifter also includes a "stopper" brace to prevent un-desired strain on the cylinder.

This kit includes 12V valve, flow controls for adjusting the lift and decent speeds, and all required airlines for connection to your compressor line. No controller is included. Requires 110V power and a compressor with 100-120 PSI.

Approximate Size 20" x 16" x 8"