"Tongue-Tied Terry" HD Studios Bloody Halloween Prop

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What's the matter, dear? Cat got your tongue? No one knows what ghastly secrets Tongue-Tied Terry had to tell, but someone went to great lengths to keep them under wraps. By first sewing her mouth shut, then chopping off her head, they've ensured that she'll stay silent for eternity. Like all Halloween decorations from The Horror Dome, this severed head is expertly manufactured with attention paid to every last detail. Watch onlookers shake in their boots as they discover her mutilated remains. Set a bone-chilling scene in your haunted house, or use Terry as an extremely realistic looking prop in your twisted and unsettling horror film. Whether she's a main character in your narrative, or a reminder of the dark depravity of humankind hanging nonchalantly in the background of the scene, she'll be an important part of your production. Put her on display or add her head to your collection of cinema-quality macabre merchandise.

Tongue-Tied Terry Features:

  • Latex and Foam Filled Prop
  • Real Looking Barb Wire
  • Horror Dome Exclusive

Tongue Tied Terry is a decapitated halloween decoration offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.