Tickets - Double Roll

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Step right up and by a ticket to the freakiest haunted house this side of Transylvania. Enter a cursed abode where ghouls party hard in the parlor, witches boil a rancid brew in the kitchen, and zombies feast on fresh human flesh in the dining room. All you need is a ticket and a little bravery, and you can behold unimaginable frights and macabre delights.

Whether you're throwing a raffle, handing out complimentary drinks, or keeping track of admission, the Double Tickets roll from The Horror Dome is a must-have essential. Raise money for a good cause and award an incredible prize to the lucky ticket holder, or make sure your guests have paid full price before entering your menacing mansion. These classic admission tickets come 2000 to a roll. Buy one roll and have drink tickets for your bar for the year, or stock up with multiple rolls and keep your attraction running smoothly all season long.

These classic raffle tickets are an instantly recognizable design that harken back to the days of classic amusement parks, arcades freak shows, and movie theaters. Made from strong, thick paper, they won't easily degrade in your customer's pocket.

2000 tickets per roll.