Admit One Tickets - 2000 Tickets

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Step right up and buy a ticket to the weirdest, freakiest, hall of horrors known to man kind. Prepare to have your world shaken and shocked by anomalies of the animal kingdom, mutations of the human genetic code, and unexplained organisms that have come from either outer space or the depths of Hell. Your ticket is your gateway to sights, sounds, and quite frankly, smells, that will astound, bewilder, and confuse the senses. Enter at your own risk, this exhibit has been known to induce madness.

With classic Admit One tickets from The Horror Dome, you'll have a great way to keep track of admission to your event. They also make wonderful drink tickets for bars or restaurants, or as tokens to be traded in for gifts at your arcade. Available in a number of different colors, these fantastic tickets come 2000 pieces to a roll. Purchase one roll and dole out free drinks every now and then for a year, or purchase several rolls and be prepared for thousands of guests to visit your haunted house this Halloween. These amazing items are your "ticket" to an incredible season.

2000 tickets per roll