"The Wizard" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"The Wizard" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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The caretaker of this enchanted castle, the wicked Wizard is not keen on having visitors. As you begin your journey through his dirty, dank and foul-smelling halls, he warns you about the terrors that reside around every corner. A wise sage or a deceitful demon? You can't really tell if he's looking out for your safety, or purposefully exciting your morbid curiosity. Appearing to be nothing more than a mystical head levitating in the darkness, you wonder if he's really here, or just a magical projection. The Wizard Halloween animatronic is a centerpiece attraction that will intrigue and engage guests in your haunted house. Designed and detailed by the inspired artists at The Horror Dome, this menacing warlock features long grey hair, monstrous green/yellow eyes, and a snarling mouth. He can recite preprogrammed or custom routines. Watch your patrons look on in amazement at he performs his tantalizing soliloquy.