"The Victim" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

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Something on your mind? Anthony really hadn't been himself lately. When a devious little ghoul popped out of his skull, it all made sense. While swimming in a polluted lake, this poor soul contracted a cerebral parasite who slowly took control of his mental functions. Upon reaching maturity, this murderous goblin emerged from Tony's cap in a demonic triumph of nature over man. Now, he steers this braindead body on evil adventures, that most often end with terror and bloodshed. The Victim collector Halloween mask is a unique design that will turn heads at the next costume party. A Horror Dome original, this impressive creation is hand painted and detailed for an unsettlingly lifelike look. Onlookers feel bad for The Victim for a moment, before realizing this possessed creature is set on murder. Give those neighborhood trick or treaters the fright of their lives with this exceptional mask. Wear one around town, or add to your collection of ghoulish goods.

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