"The Stone Gargoyle" Professional Halloween Decoration

"The Stone Gargoyle" Professional Halloween Decoration

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Designed to protect the cathedral from evil spirits, this enchanted Gargoyle has taken on a life of his own. Terrifying to both demonic entities and the townspeople alike, no one is quite sure what side this haunting sculpture is on. Rumor has it, he comes alive at night and soars above the land, looking for critters to eat for dinner. A fox, a deer, a human... all fresh kill tastes the same to this stone sentinel. The Stone Gargoyle Halloween decoration stands over eight feet tall and has a twelve foot wingspan. Meticulously crafted by talented artists at The Horror Dome, this towering creation is hand detailed for an exceptionally realistic look. Positionable wings allow for a variety of menacing looks. A tube running through his body lets you attach a fog machine and send bursts of smoke shooting out of his mouth. Welcome visitors to your haunted house, or draw attention to your place of business with this ferocious fellow.