"The Psycho Thrasher" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"The Psycho Thrasher" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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This product is a made to order piece that takes 4-6 weeks to produce.

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Unable to control his violent outbursts, the Psycho has committed a host of serious offenses, including assaults, mutilations, torture, and remorseless murder. Captured by a brave deputy, this menacing madman will not respond to any known treatment. Now, he's chained to the floor in an underfunded and derelict asylum where he's routinely abused by heartless nurses and other inmates. Of course, all this just makes the killer more and more angry. What do you supposed will happen if his chains give way? The Psycho Thrasher Halloween animatronic is an attention getting piece that will look great in any torture chamber, mental hospital or wicked prison scene. Activated by a remote switch, you'll be able to turn this prop on at exactly the right time for maximum fright. Designed by the haunt experts at The Horror Dome, he features realistic thrashing motions, and utters howls of agony through the included amp.