"The New Spew" Professional Halloween Animatronic Barrel

"The New Spew" Professional Halloween Animatronic Barrel

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Fresh from a night at the monster truck rally getting blitzed on frothy brews, this wasted redneck has but one mission; to find a good place to Spew. When you're hanging out with the boys, sometimes you party a little too hardy. Whether this bloke's nausea is caused by a few too many drinks, a rotted stadium hotdog, or the beginning of a zombie infection, is anyone's guess. All we know is that he's full of an impressive amount of gross orange puke. The New Spew Halloween animatronic is a disgusting animated prop that features a bearded fellow blowing chunks into a barrel. Perfect for a range of settings in your haunted house, this vomiting victim can be reacting to a bloody accident, suffering from a rapidly spreading plague, or simply paying the consequences for an evening of excess. Hand detailed by The Horror Dome, this realistic-looking dude hopefully won't cause a barf-o-rama amongst your guests.