THE MORGUE LUNGER Haunted House Animatronic

"The Morgue Lunger" Zombie Halloween Animatronic

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The morgue lunger makes use of our Insta-Morgue doors which were a very popular edition to our 2008 product line. The prop is sold as a four by eight panel that can slip right in to any wall in your haunt. When triggered, the middle door bangs open several times before flying all the way open to reveal the ghoul inside. The ghoul then comes flying out at guests with blood curdling screams to add to the effect. Price includes pre-programmed control hardware, flow control valves, digital sound module, 6in. by 23in. mat switch trigger, and all necessary electrical and pneumatic connections. Prop connects to air lines with a 1/4in. male quick connect coupling. Requires 100psi compressed air and 110VAC electrical.