The Lost Soul Collector Halloween Mask

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This Lost Soul isn't good with faces, especially when it comes to having one of his own. We'll never know what happened to this poor fellow's mug, but the resulting infection left him a braindead zombie with an unquenchable thirst for blood. With a swollen tongue protruding from his mouth full of rotting teeth, he stumbles through the night like a hot hound on the prowl. Be careful walking alone once it gets late, if you wish to avoid a similar fate. Hand painted and haired by the inspired craftspeople at The Horror Dome, The Lost Soul collector Halloween mask is a movie-quality creation that will turn heads at the next costume party. Perfect for scaring the socks off guests at your haunted house, causing mischief around the neighborhood, and freaking out your friends, this over the head design will give you a professional, seamless look when work with a mangy old suit or overcoat.

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