"The Hell Rider" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"The Hell Rider" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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Death has a new pair of wheels. This beastly biker collects the souls of those who perish on the road. Whether you're a sleepy motorist who dozed off at the wheel and slammed into a tree, or the beaten and tortured body of a hitch hiker who was picked up by a psychopath, if you die on the highway, The Hell Rider is coming for you. So wear your safety belts, drink plenty of coffee, and put your thumb in your pocket if you hope to avoid his evil clutches. The Hell Rider Halloween animatronic is a stunning centerpiece that will amuse and terrify your guests. Crated by The Horror Dome, he comes equipped with a bike, fog machine, sound system, and motors that lift him into a wicked wheelie position. Deranged, demonic, and wonderfully badass, this grim reaper rides with style. He'll be a memorable addition to any haunted house.