THE HEADLESS GREETER Haunted House Animatronic

"The Headless Greeter" Professional Zombie Halloween Animatronic

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Old luckless Larry was an even-keeled guy until one fateful night when he finally lost his head. Decapitated by a murderous madman and cursed by a wicked witch doctor, this hapless hombre sulks around the back alleys of skid row looking for edible garbage to shove down his neck hole. Don't be afraid if you encounter this decollated drifter, he's actually a nice dude offering sage advice. Give him a listen if you can stomach his gruesome condition. The Headless Greeter Halloween animatronic is a Horror Dome original that's designed to welcome guests to your haunted house, scary hayride, or other seasonal attraction. With eight independent facial motions, he can be programmed to realistically recite up to three minutes of audio. Give some evil history lessons, warn patrons of potential dangers ahead, or add a little comic relief before letting your customers loose in a bone-chilling maze featuring bloody bodies and violent imps.

Price includes pre-programmed control hardware, digital sound module, 6in. by 23in. mat switch trigger, and all necessary electrical connections. Requires 110VAC electrical.