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The Headless Greeter Haunted House Animatronic

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The Headless Zombie Halloween Animatronic Greeter is designed to be cue line entertainment for your attraction. He can run on a continuous loop or be set to trigger. When activated, he comes to life with eight independent facial motions. He can move each eyebrow up and down, look left and right, look up and down, blink, independently smile each side of his face, and open and close his mouth. When purchased, you provide a script for up to three minutes of dialogue. We will professionally record the vocals and any sound effects, program the prop to match the audio, and even dress the character to match your theme. This character can be exactly what you want him to be.

Price includes pre-programmed control hardware, digital sound module, 6in. by 23in. mat switch trigger, and all necessary electrical connections. Requires 110VAC electrical.