HANGMAN KICKER Halloween Animatronic

"The Hangman Kicker" Halloween Animatronic

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All dressed up with nowhere to go, we're sure no one will mind if dapper Don hangs around for a bit. Caught practicing the dark arts by a fanatical group of zealots, this wandering wino was hanged for his sins. Improperly dropped, his neck failed to break, and now he struggles with the noose as he is slowly strangled to death. Indeed a grisly sight, let his terminal situation be a warning to all those who commit heresy in these parts. The Hangman Kicker Halloween animatronic from The Horror Dome is an attention-getting prop that can be the centerpiece of a haunted house room that depicts methods of execution. Whether this dangling dude is a criminal receiving his just desserts, or an innocent fellow who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, is totally up to you. Hand detailed by talented artists, your guests will be shocked by the unsettlingly realistic look of this incredible prop.