"The Guillotine" Halloween Animatronic

"The Guillotine" Halloween Animatronic

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Lying, cheating, stealing, even committing murder just to get by, this heartless bandit will pay for his crimes. Oh, the Guillotine. A finer killing machine was never invented. As the guilty lay strapped to a cold steel table, the executioner allows a brief moment for them to consider their misdeeds and rapidly approaching fate. Then, with one graceful motion, the blade drops, hitting the neck perfectly, every time. Cast the lifeless corpse aside, raise the blade, and prepare for the next execution. Your guests will enjoy the macabre sight of an old fashioned public execution with The Guillotine Halloween animatronic. As onlookers gather, this amazing prop plays the sounds of a crowd jeering the condemned. Suddenly, the blade comes slicing down, a strobe light flashes, and your patrons are sprayed with blood (actually water). A Horror Dome original, this impressive animatronic will be a popular centerpiece in your haunted house.