CLOSET REACHER Halloween Animatronic

"The Closet Reacher" Zombie Halloween Animatronic

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They say if you can spend a single night in this stately manor, the property is yours. So far, no one has completed more than a few hours. It must be hogwash though, ghost aren't real. As your trek through dimly lit corridors you marvel at the sheer size of this hilltop mansion. Then all of a sudden, you hear a rustling in the next room. Flicking on the light, you see nothing. You step inside, and out of closet comes a lunging ghoul. The Closet Reacher Halloween animatronic will cause even the most hardened horror fan to take a giant leap backwards. Activated by a switch or a motion sensor, it's easy to make this disgusting demon attack at exactly the right time. Hand detailed by the talented craftspeople at The Horror Dome, the Reacher features decaying grey skin, and pupil-less evil eyes. Add an impressive new scare to your haunted house today.