CEILING DWELLER Halloween Animatronic

"The Ceiling Dweller" Zombie Halloween Animatronic

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The site of a dastardly occult ritual, this humble abode is inhabited by possessed victims who are violent, cannibalistic, and display super-human strength. As you carefully navigate it's dimly lit halls, you keep your eyes peeled for any sign of movement. Unfortunately, you forget to check directly overhead. With a sudden shriek, The Ceiling Dweller is upon you. You recoil in terror, but it's too late. He drops down and pins you with his mighty mitts, and begins to feast. The Ceiling Dweller Halloween animatronic provides an unforgettable fright. Positioned where your guests least expect it, this bone-chilling prop can be activated with either a remote switch or a motion sensor. Easy to mount, you'll have no problem installing this freakish creation in a strategic place. Hand detailed by the expert craftspeople at The Horror Dome, your customers will be certain a real life zombie is about to feast on their juicy brains.