The Baseball Zombie Halloween Mask

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This hapless hombre took a line-drive straight to the melon. Thankfully, the braindead beast has nothing going on upstairs anyway. Once a heavy-hitter, The Baseball Zombie is now a weary walker who roams the stadium grounds in search of food. Not exactly a fan of peanuts and crackerjacks, it's fresh human meat that this undead demon craves. Once he sinks his teeth into a victim, they're damned to a similar fate. Bump into this petrifying pitcher and it's one strike, you're out. The Baseball Zombie Halloween mask will be a homer run at the next costume party. Wear it with an old dirty jersey, and carry a torn-up glove and splintered bat. Hand painted by The Horror Dome, you'll appreciate the intricate detailing on this amazing design. Join with friends and go as an entire zombie baseball team, now wandering the town as an unruly horde. You'll really knock the look out of the park with this collector-worthy mask.

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