The Banshee Collector Halloween Mask

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When the Reaper knocks at your door, he's often accompanied by this dreadful wailing woman. The Banshee shrieks to warn those around of impending death, before sinking her razor sharp teeth into the unlucky soul's neck. Often depicted in folklore wearing a dark hood, you'd hate to see what's underneath. With pointed, devilish ears, a murderous mouth full of menacing incisors, and a cold, uncaring face that resembles a lifeless skeleton, she may kill you with fright before she gets a chance to chomp. Designed and crafted by the talented artists at The Horror Dome, the Banshee collector Halloween mask will be an amazing addition to any assortment of haunt industry memorabilia. This premium over the head design will provide Hollywood-quality realistic looks when worn with a variety of tops. From a room full of classic demons in your haunted house, to a night out on the town causing mischief with friends, this ghastly being won't soon be forgotten.

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