"The Bad Baby" Halloween Prop

"The Bad Baby" Halloween Prop

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This naughty nephew wants to play with all the wrong toys. Handcuffs, sharp knives, a hangman's noose, and a set of brass knuckles will help this brutal brat torture and murder his unfortunate victims. Don't let his small stature fool you, there's plenty of demonic power inside this lilliputian lunatic. A toddler sized terror, he's the most misbehaved kid in town, in fact he's already decapitated several of his babysitters. Do you think you're up to the job? The Bad Baby Halloween decoration is one creepy kid. He's the perfect character to preside over a demented nursery where the children are psychotic killers who play with human body parts. Hand painted and detailed by the expert craftspeople at The Horror Dome, he looks unsettlingly realistic. Push him down Main Street in a stroller, and watch your unsuspecting neighbors recoil in disgust once they catch a glimpse of his fiendish face.