THE ACID PUDDLE Halloween Decoration

"The Acid Puddle" HD Studios Halloween Prop

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Between the military base and chemical manufacturing plant on the outskirts of town, runs a heavily polluted creek that drains into an Acid Puddle. In this unnatural environment, a new life form has rapidly evolved. Much like a spider, this carnivorous creature waits in silence for unwitting prey to stumble into his trap. Once they are immobilized by the toxic goo, this ghastly freak wraps the victim in his tentacles and begins gnawing on half corroded flesh. The Acid Puddle Halloween decoration is a Horror Dome original. Hand painted and detailed by deranged, yet talented artists, this unique prop is great for placement along a walkway that leads to the entrance to a haunted house, or to the candy bowl on your front porch. Tell your visitors a cautionary tale about the poor slob who slipped into this deadly goop. Make sure they stay alert the next time they hike through the woods.