"The Abominable Snowman" HD Studios Pro Costume

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From the frigid slopes of the Himalayas, to a snowcapped mountain in your home state, this mythical beast roams the land in search of fresh meat. Food is scares at these elevations, so the Abominable Snowman will eat anything he can get his claws on; squirrel, snow fox, yak, and the occasional unlucky hiker. Also known as the Yeti, this ferocious predator has a white coat that blends in perfectly with his surroundings, and a near human level of intelligence, punctuated by a natural killer's instinct. Night Terror costumes from The Horror Dome add one whole foot to your stature. The Abominable Snowman Halloween costume is a full body suit that is made from premium materials and features Hollywood-quality good looks. Ideal for a room in your haunted house that features animal oddities from the far reaches of the globe, or for playing a hoax on your local investigative news team, this suit offers unmatched realism.

Movie Quality Abominable Snowman Costume Features:

  • Fits people from 5'9" to 7' tall
  • Makes you up to 1 foot taller!
  • Costumes comes with Fur suit, mask, hands, feet and muscle suit.