Tabloid Starlet Wig, Brown

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Whether it's the lurid details of a triple homicide, an encounter with an alien species, or details of a scandalous affair with a powerful politician, the Tabloid Starlet has a story to tell, and she's sharing it with the highest bidder. Big hair is still in style in whatever one horse town this ludicrous lady calls home. Burning through several cans of hairspray a week, she keeps her locks in tip top shape.

The Tabloid Starlet brown wig is a wonderful costume accessory for everything from a masquerade ball, to a night out trick or treating with the family. Realistic looking, thanks to the talented craftspeople at The Horror Dome, these premium wigs are perfect for a stage production, shooting an indie movie, or creating a glamorous damsel in distress character for your haunted house.

Somewhere between typical '80s teenager and country music queen, this brown Starlet wig features long, flowing strands of hair that will drape over your shoulders. Pair it with a ravishing dress and large, movie star sunglasses and paint the town red. Bring an alter ego to life with this fabulous wig.