"Superman Wall Mount" Hanging Decoration

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A bird? A plane? It's Superman, smashing through a brick wall like it's made out of paper. When Metropolis is in danger, this loyal superhero puts his life on the line to make sure the citizenry is safe. From preventing common muggings to foiling the diabolical plots of evil super-villains, he won't rest until the job is done. You better think twice before committing crime in this fair city, unless of course, you have a pocket full of kryptonite. The Superman Wall Mount Halloween decoration will take any display of superhero or comic book memorabilia to the next level. This convention-worthy design is hand detailed by the talented artists and craftspeople at The Horror Dome. Any fan of the print, TV, or movie franchise will instantly recognize this popular character in a bold, action pose. This mountable prop is also a great conversation starter for your basement barroom or home theatre.