"Superman" Professional Movie Prop - 69 Inches Tall

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It's a bird, it's a plane! It's the Man of Steel! This popular hero has been doing everything from rescuing the family cat from a tree branch too high, to foiling the dastardly plots of demented super-villains who seek revenge on society. An undeniable force for good, he soars over Metropolis and watches over its fine citizens with an eagle-eye. You better think twice before snatching that lady's purse, that is, unless you're packing some kryptonite. The Superman Movie Display Halloween prop is a stunning fiberglass creation that looks as if he leapt right off the silver screen. Try adding a superhero room to your haunted house and diversify the experience. Crafted by the experienced and inspired artists at The Horror Dome, this classic character will be a favorite of your guests, both old and young. It makes an amazing addition to your basement barroom, billiards room, or ice fortress of solitude.