"Strobe Light - Blue 360" Haunted House Lighting Effect

"Strobe Light - Blue 360" Haunted House Lighting Effect

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There's nothing more disorientating that being struck with a strobe light when you leas expect it. All off a sudden the physics of motion seem altered. Objects appear in stunning detail, then quickly vanish. It can be hard to figure out what is moving and what is standing still. Long a favorite of lighting designers at haunted house attractions, these rapidly flashing lights give an eerie, old horror movie feel to any monster, demon, or alien scene.

The Blue 360 Strobe Light from The Horror Dome fires quick bursts of white light forward. Since the case is made from translucent blue material, spectators from the side see a series of blue pulses. Approximately 8"" x 6"" x 6"", this light features a mounting bracket, and can easily be secured on the ceiling, wall or floor. The 360 Blue Strobe Light runs on standard AC power and can fire as fast as seven flashes per second.

Trigger this light as you release a cloud of fog. Add audio effects, animatronics, and live actors. Combine all these key elements, and provide your guests with the fright of a lifetime.

Blue translucent-plastic case strobe light with hanging bracket. Variable-speed, up to 7-flashes-per-second. Standard UL plug, 120 volt/20Watt. Measurements approx 8" x 6" x 6"