"Spider Bites" Electric Animated Halloween Prop

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They say a giant, man-eating arachnid roams the caverns beneath this unfortunate town. Would-be heroes have searched for its hidden lair for years, only to disappear without a trace. As you stumble through the darkness, you encounter this gargantuan beast's latest victim. Still alive, yet tightly bound by thick cobwebs, this unlucky dude shakes and shrieks in pain. Slowly drained of his blood, death will not come easy.

Whether you're running a professional haunted house, or putting together a scary scene in your home to entertain trick or treaters on Halloween, you'll find the Spider Bites electric animatronic provides an unforgettable fright. A highly-detailed Horror Dome original design, these effects are ideal for any ghastly dungeon, creepy attic, evil abandoned mansion, or science experiment gone awry scene.

Hung from the ceiling, this web covered human snack squirms and howls in pain. He can be triggered remotely or with motion sensors, and will make even the most experienced monster hunters take a step back and gasp. Easy to set up and manufactured from choice materials, this fun and freaky animatronic will be a guest favorite for many seasons to come.