"Speak No Evil" HD Studios Pro Halloween Mask

"Speak No Evil" HD Studios Pro Mask

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Damned to eternal silence for slanderous words said, this Speak No Evil zombie is the muted undead. No groaning or grumbling comes out of this wicked walker. Who knows what he did to deserve such a fate. Treason, betrayal, or reciting curses of a rival sect, the nature of his terrible misdeed is anyone's guess. Now he only unzips his menacing kisser to take a bite of juicy human flesh. Watch your back as you saunter home from work at night. You may become his next victim. This Speak No Evil demon is a Horror Dome original. Hand painted for maximum realism, this cinema-quality Halloween mask will make a bone-chilling addition to any collection of ghoulish goods. Made from durable materials, this over he head design will absolutely terrify guests at your haunted house or neighborhood trick or treaters. Spread a little bit of holiday fright with this fantastically ferocious creation.

Speak No Evil Features:

  • Full, Over the Head Halloween Mask
  • High Quality, Gritty Detail
  • Hand Painted for Ultra Realism

The Zipped Mouth is a collector halloween mask offered by the experts at the Horror Dome.

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