Slipknot Paul Gray Mask

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Pay tribute to one of most talented nu metal musicians of all time with the Slipknot Paul Gray mask from The Horror Dome. Founding member, bassist, and songwriter Paul Gray was a creative force in the seminal heavy metal/death metal band Slipknot from the acts conception in the 1990s to his untimely passing in 2010. Like other members of the band, Paul had his own custom mask that's instantly recognizable by any fan.

With the Slipknot Paul mask, you'll have a premium latex copy of this beastly bassist's original design. Rock out with other ""maggots"" at the next Slipknot concert, terrorize your neighborhood dressed as this four-string slinging psycho, or add a new addition to your collection of disturbing macabre merchandise. Whether you're a fan of the horror genre, or just love Slipknot's music, this detailed mask is a must-have.

This amazing mask is a take on a classic bondage design. Black leathery panels are stitched together and the mouth is propped open with rusty nails. It's truly an upsetting sight to behold, especially if your a kid searching for candy on Halloween.