Slipknot Mick Thomson Mask

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Shred your axe along with this legendary metal guitarist in an authentic-looking Slipknot Mick Thomson mask from The Horror Dome. Throw together a set of cover songs for the Halloween party and get totally decked out as members of the band, or simply craft a ghastly costume for freaking out the neighbors and scaring local kids.

You don't have to be a Slipknot fan to be petrified by the sight of this menacing Mick mask. A metallic design with wide eye holes, and angry brow, and a grated mouth covering, this creation looks like something you'd force a cannibal to wear to keep them from biting off a chunk of flesh. Head to a show with your pals and wear the signature mask of your favorite band member. As a group, you'll look so convincing, they may even let you backstage.

Made from premium latex, the Mick Thomson mask will see you through many hours of trick or treating, partying at the masquerade ball, or moshing in the pit. Wear this design out, or add a new item to your collection of horror or heavy metal merchandise.