Slipknot Joey Jordison Mask

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Wear the signature look of Iowa's premier nu metal drummer with the Slipknot Joey Jordison mask from The Horror Dome. Whether you're a fan of the legendary band, throwing together a cover or tribute set with other musicians, going to a concert, or just looking for a unique and creepy Halloween costume, you'll find this gnarly design is up to the task.

Made from premium latex, this tough mask is perfect for wear in the mosh pit. This horrendous design features stapled-together skin, a stapled-shut mouth, and long vertical gashes. Your neighbors will think there's a psycho killer on the loose when they see you creeping around town in this ghastly mask.

Team up with friends and hit the town dressed as members of Slipknot with these authentic-looking masks. The local trick or treaters will think twice before venturing into your cul-de-sac, thus leaving all the sweet sweet candy for you and your buds. Don't be shocked when people ask for your autograph, the Joey Slipknot mask is so realistic, they may even let you hang out backstage.