Skin and Bones Halloween Decoration

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Captured while walking down a dimly lit street, this poor prisoner has had little to eat. Chained to the wall, scared and alone, we call this hapless hombre, ol' Skin and Bones. Is he awaiting trial? Serving out a jail sentence? Perhaps the twisted madman who runs this dungeon just enjoys watching people starve to death. As you gaze into his pained eyes, you can see the life slowly slipping out of his weak and rubbery frame. The Skin and Bones Halloween decoration is a versatile prop that will make any torture chamber or ghastly prison scene come to life. This four by eight foot panel feature a hole, through which an actors sticks their head. On the other side, if appears as if this almost dead fellow can move his head and talk. Treat your guests to stomach-turning tales of degradation and depravity, or have the actor simply howl in pain, the choice is up to you.