Clown Shoes - Black & White

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It's true what they say, everybody loves a clown. Well, except for coulrophobic individuals who suffer from an unshakeable fear of these pointy-haired, brightly-colored jokesters. Whether you're looking for extra income entertaining children at birthday parties on the weekend, thinking of joining the circus, or looking to create the perfect killer clown costume for trick or treating, you'll find these oversized Black & White Clown Shoes from The Horror Dome are a wardrobe essential.

One size fits all adults, these hilariously large kicks are black and white with white laces and eye-catching red stars on the forward portion of the shoe. These neutral colors go with brightly colored rainbow clown suits, and also work for popular characters like the millionaire clown or the hobo clown. Pair them with a crazed, murderous clown mask from The Horror Dome, and turn heads at the next costume party or masquerade ball. Spend Halloween searching for candy with your family and a friendly clown outfit. Kids will absolutely love making balloon animals, having their faces painted and joking around with a big-footed clown wearing these funny large shoes.