"Shake N' Bake" Professional Halloween Animatronic

"Shake N' Bake" Professional Halloween Animatronic

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An unpleasant, yet efficient means of execution, the electric chair is being phased out globally in favor of more gently methods. Today, you are about to bear witness to one of the last executions by electrocution. This murderous madman has killed at least 14 individuals for sure, and been linked to as many as 30 other disappearances. Maintaining his innocence throughout, he studied the occult for his entire decade on death row, and has placed a curse on all who watch him die. But magic is nonsense, right? The Shake and Bake Halloween animatronic features a helpless inmate fighting for his life as thousands of volts of electricity jolt his body into violent convulsions. This Horror Dome original features hand detailing for an unsettlingly realistic look, and multiple motors for lifelike motion. Activated by switch, motion detectors, or pressure pads, this ghastly animatronic will be a hit with your guests.