Scarecrow Woman Decoration

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Originally erected to keep crows out of the cornfield, this ghastly Scarecrow Woman took on a life of her own after being struck by lightning. Now, she serves as a warning to all those who think of taking a short cut through the fields on their way home from work or the pub. Wander into these dense rows of dead, brittle stalks at your own risk. Murderous ghouls are in there, waiting for a fresh snack.

The Scarecrow Woman standing Halloween decoration from The Horror Dome is an eye-catching prop that is great for any hautned house attraction or spooky hayride. Towering over your guests, this decoration stands 79"" tall. She's battery-powered, which makes her easy to set up anywhere. She has menacing red eyes, a head that moves back and forth, and makes scary noises. Sound activated, she'll come to life with she's approached by a visitor or patron.

Set up the standing Scarecrow Woman in the fields and create a wicked farm scene, or put her in your front yard to freak out trick or treaters as they approach your porch on Halloween.

79 inches tall, requires 3 AA batteries, not included. Sound activated.